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Serverless App Development

Taking your business from ideas to reality

We leverage cloud-based technologies to provide accelerated iOS and Android app development and deliver the maximum business results in the minimum amount of time.

Serverless Consulting

We help you understand cloud-based services and find the parts of your upcoming app or game that can benefit from it the most.

App Design and Development

Let us help you design and build an app that uses AWS, Firebase or other serverless technologies to get max functionality with minimum development time.

Migrate to Serverless

Already have a product? We can look it over and help you determine what parts of it can be improved using serverless processes.


Transparent App Consulting

We pride ourselves on transparency. App development is a partnership which means transparent and fair pricing is crucial to our philosophy.

Next steps

  • We start with a free quick chat with one of the partners followed by a detail write up of your goals. If you aren't ready to talk yet but want a quick idea of what your project will cost, check out our price estimator tool.

  • Once we understand and agree on your mission we layout a timeline so you know what to expect. We create a detailed budget that fits your requirements so you know exactly where your money is going.

  • Development will begin immediately after the plan is in place. You'll receive a minimum of one update a week. Often even more frequently as we tackle design decisions as they arise. 

  • After the project is finished, will will test internally. After testing is complete we'll schedule a time to review together to make sure every aspect has been covered. Once you are completely satisfied all deliverable items will be turned over to you.

Click below to schedule a quick chat about your product at no cost.

We use our iterative methodology to deliver results to you fast. What's made use one of the best studios in the industry is our commitment to detail. We make sure to follow up with each new build to make sure you see progress at the end of every week.


Recent Projects


Money doesn't have to just work for you. It can quest for you too.

TOSHI is game that completely integrates your finances into its game play, revolutionizing the way you see and interact with your money.


The more money you save, the more Toshi you have to help you build your kingdom, explore new lands and go on adventures.


Story Rocket

STORYROCKET.COM is an online global marketplace and community, that’s disrupting the entertainment sector, by using technology to change the way writers showcase and promote their works.

STORYROCKET  allows for great works to be showcased and promoted to be discovered.  It also offers producers and writers an opportunity for a collaborative and effortless way to do business.  

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About the founders


Ian and Drew started Nice Nux after working on several projects of their own. Through their design process they concluded that a cloud-based approach fit most of their project's needs. They quickly discovered that a lack of useful and affordable resources were available to them. 


They founded Nice Nux to help clients receive all the benefits of Serverless applications without having to go into it alone like they did. Nice Nux is dedicated to bringing you the benefits and scaleability of cloud-based development to your apps and games without any of the confusion or hassle. 


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